Finally! A student union dedicated to serving students of European ancestry and their allies at Auburn University.

Wondering whether you should join us? Find out with three simple questions:

  1. Are you sick of boring liberal arts professors beating their anti-White drum?
  2. Are you tired of our politically correct and anti-White administration putting money and globalist special interests ahead of the needs of their students?
  3. Are you worried by anti-White incidents at other universities (e.g. Evergreen State, Mizzou, San Jose) and wondering who will protect you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should join us! Please visit our membership page, and fill out an application.

Not interested in joining? Learn what we’re all about and read about our activism.

Still confused? Try looking through our frequently asked questions.

Latest News and Activism

Our New Survey, and Protesting Forced Replacement

Hi Auburn Tigers!  You’ve probably seen our new postering campaign exposing how White people are being replaced against their will, and demanding that White conservatives have the option of having their own homeland (just as liberals should have a multicultural homeland, other races can do their own thing, etc.).  Of course, that homeland would be …

Auburn Contributes to the #MarchAgainstSharia!

Thousands of patriotic Americans in over a dozen cities just stood up against the evils of Islamic religious law, known as “Sharia” in Arabic, in the much-publicized #MarchAgainstSharia. Patriots in Auburn also took part in this activism! We launched a campaign to raise awareness of the threat of Sharia law with these posters (here’s a …

About Us


The Auburn White Student Union is made for White people at Auburn University. Its purpose is to educate and provide support to White students and the broader community in the Auburn area.

First, we aim to debunk anti-White literature and talking points. Second, we provide educational materials to discredit Marxist and anti-White literature. Third, we positively affirm our White identity.

We are White, and we are proud. Our heritage, culture, and traditions are nothing to be ashamed of.

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The Auburn White Student Union has three tiers of membership. All three tiers of membership require applicants to be an Auburn University student, alumnus, employee, or faculty member.

For each tier, we take special care to ensure that every  aspect of your identity is kept secret. Membership is as anonymous as you want it to be.

Apply for membership by filling out this form.

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