Finally! A student union dedicated to serving students of European ancestry and their allies at Auburn University.

Wondering whether you should join us? Find out with three simple questions:

  1. Do you want an organic community where you can talk with people like you about taboo subjects like race and identity, without being guilt-tripped by an anti-White narrative?
  2. Do you want training in activism towards protecting your country from globalist special interests, international corporations who betray American workers, and warmongering establishment politicians who are the puppets of both?
  3. Are you outraged at anti-White incidents at other universities (e.g. Evergreen State, Mizzou, San Jose) and feeling your natural desire for group affiliation rising?  Or want to know how to refute the garden-variety anti-White propaganda of your left-wing liberal-arts professors?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should join us! Please visit our membership page, and fill out an application.

Not interested in joining? Learn what we’re all about and read about our activism.  And feel free to take our survey to let your opinions be heard.

Still confused? Try looking through our frequently asked questions.  Or, you can contact us directly!  We love hearing from people of any persuasion!

Latest News and Activism

Our Speech at the Honors College: What did it REALLY Say?

Dear reader, there has been misinformation and outright slander about what I actually said at the Honors College event earlier this week. In order to allay people’s concerns that unkind things were said, I’m publishing the full recording here. It’s a bit long, about 23.5 minutes mostly just of me speaking, plus a couple minutes …

Announcing the White Problems Project

Today, the Auburn White Student Union is announcing the White Problems Project. This project is an attempt to educate and alert students to the contemporary problems affecting White people in Auburn, Alabama, and America. What are White Problems? So, what exactly are White problems? White problems are contemporary social, fiscal, and cultural issues predominately affecting …

Our Peace Offering to the Far Left: Or, Why Voluntary Separatism Rights For Everyone Are the Only Way to Peace

Recently, I wrote an offer of peace to a far-left group in Auburn.  This peace offer extends to all other groups opposed to White Separatism and details a realistic plan for our warring groups to create a lasting peace. Specifically, I called for both of our groups to commit to acknowledging the other’s right to …

About Us


The Auburn White Student Union is made for White people at Auburn University. Its purpose is to educate and provide support to White students and the broader community in the Auburn area.

First, we aim to debunk anti-White literature and talking points. Second, we provide educational materials to discredit Marxist and anti-White literature. Third, we positively affirm our White identity.

We are White, and we are proud. Our heritage, culture, and traditions are nothing to be ashamed of.

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The Auburn White Student Union has three tiers of membership. All three tiers of membership require applicants to be an Auburn University student, alumnus, employee, or faculty member.

For each tier, we take special care to ensure that every  aspect of your identity is kept secret. Membership is as anonymous as you want it to be.

Apply for membership by filling out this form.

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