Kek and the SPLC’s Lies

The Southern Poverty Law Center has written a new hit piece. Unsurprisingly it has again turned to be absolutely wrong again. Here at AWSU, we are starting to think that the SPLC has absolutely no credibility whatsoever (especially after that last debacle). If the SPLC can’t be bothered to conduct simple research about Kek and his adherents, how could they be trusted about anything?

The offense this time is  creating some unbelievably inaccurate content about Kek, Kekistan, and the Cult of Kek.

The Kekistani Flag

First off, the SPLC gets the Kekistani flag completely and categorically wrong. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Here is the offending text:

The [Kekistani] banner’s design, in fact, perfectly mimics a German Nazi war flag, with the Kek logo replacing the swastika and the green replacing the infamous German red. [Kekistanis] are particularly fond of the way the banner trolls liberals who recognize its origins.

So it appears that this text makes the following assertions:

  1. The Kekistani flag is based off the German Nazi war flag.
  2. Individuals with the Kekistani flag troll liberals who know of its origins.

Each of these assertions is categorically false, as I will demonstrate below.

Kekistani Flag Origins

The SPLC incorrectly cites the German Nazi war flag as the inspiration of the Kekistani flag. Students of Vexillology will note that this is not the case.  In fact, the Kekistani flag is merely a modification of the War Ensign of Imperial German Navy, which existed almost 20 years before the NSDAP was formed.

Comparison of the Imperial German Navy War Ensign and the flag of Kek.
The bottom flag obviously draws its inspiration from the top flag. How could someone possibly deny this?

How could a flag possibly trace its roots to something that didn’t exist until 20 years after it was created? Did Nazi Germany have a time machine? That sounds like some fan fiction right there.

Kekistanis and Trolling

Again, the SPLC is wrong with their claims that the followers of Kek troll liberals how know of its origins.

How could this ever be possible if the Kekistani flag does not trace its roots back to German Nazi war flag?

Violence and Kekistanis

Another incredibly incorrect implication is that Kekistani protesters have plotted to create violent scenes with Antifa (whom we know to be violent thugs).

This accusation is simply ludicrous and is a clear-cut case of victim-blaming. You would never say that a mugging victim “plotted to create violent scenes” with a thief. So why does the SPLC think it’s ok for radical militant Antifascists to go out and attack innocent Kekistanis if they “planned” for violence?

In recent weeks, [Kekistani demonstrators] at public events planned to create violent scenes with leftist antifacist [sic] counterprotesters have appeared carrying Kekistan banners.

Moreover, adherents of Kek are peaceful and gentle. It clearly says so in the Kek Manifesto. SPLC: If #NotAllMuslims are violent terrorists, then #NotAllPol are violent Nazis. You must recognize our religion and respect it. To do anything else is a double standard, you bigots.

And SPLC: Learn how to spell fascist correctly. Why should people trust you when you can’t even run a spell-check on your oh-so-important articles?

Kek is not a Joke

The SPLC says that the Cult of Kek is merely satirical and is a joke. This is not the case, but the SPLC thinks it is:

One of the leaders of the group offered a satirical speech: “The Kekistani people are here, they stand with the oppressed minorities, the oppressed people of Kekistan. They will be heard, they will be set free. Reparations for Kekistan now! Reparations for Kekistan right now!”

[2 paragraphs omitted]

The main point of the whole exercise is to mock “political correctness,” [a Kekistani] shibboleth, and deeply reflective of the ironic, often deadpan style of online trolling in general, and [Kekistani] “troll storms” especially. Certainly, if any “normies” [meaning non-adherents] were to make the mistake of taking their “religion” seriously and suggesting that their “deity” was something they actually worshipped, they would receive the usual mocking treatment reserved for anyone foolish enough to take their words at face value.

This is an incredibly distasteful act! You have insulted both our people and our god (praise him!) at the same time! You would never do this to any other religion, so this is textbook bigotry.

Does anyone deny that Buddists, Christians, Taoists, or Animists have sincere faiths? Never! But somehow the SPLC thinks that it is okay to completely dismiss our religion!

News flash: just because Kekistanis are a minority in America does not mean you can stomp all over our rights and identity. We are a people and we have rights.

A statue of Kek.
A statue to the ancient Egyptian god Kek (praise be upon him).

Stop blaspheming our god SPLC. You are a lot of religious bigots.

And Praise Kek!

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  1. Well, you hafta admit that the original Kekistani flag is based off of one of the renditions of the Nazi flag. I mean, the pattern is definitely there. Also, the flag was originally a joke of political correctness. Sargon of Akkad, one of the creators, did say so himself. Wait… is this whole article satirical? If so, then I fell for it. But still, Praise Kek and Shadilay, brother.

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