Debunking Fake Claims of Harassment, and Exposing Real Calls for Violence

Yesterday (November 28), Eagle Eye TV published a story in which two Auburn University students claimed to be targets of harassment by the Auburn White Student Union. The notion that these two individuals were specifically targeted for harassment is laughable and categorically false. A single sticker randomly placed in a public area which is vaguely near one’s place of residence does not constitute harassment.

Moreover, the idea that the Auburn White Student Union is opposed to individuals with disabilities is completely false. As an organization, we strive to be inclusive and supportive of our members with intellectual disabilities such as autism. We use these members to strengthen both our online and real-life activism. They have proven to be a valuable asset.

The Auburn White Student Union does not condone the use of violence or intimidation in any shape or form. In fact, individuals who wish to affiliate but have have made unkind or harassing social media posts are refused admission into our organization.  White Separatism is a fundamentally peaceful ideology that can actually reduce conflict.

The important takeaways from this article are:

  1. We did not harass or target anyone, despite claims in the affirmative.
  2. The primary accuser, Alex ██████ (we have confirmed his last name, but it is redacted for now pending negotiations with Alex and his party for an end to the cycle of hatred), has a history of distorting truth and advocates intimidation and violence against people he disagrees with. Alex is active in the far-left scene in Auburn.
  3. Because they cannot rebuke our pro-White message, anti-White individuals must lie and slander us to tarnish our image.

Note: a previous version of this post had broken image links. We have altered the post to include the correct image links, and include this notice. The rest of the content of this article is the same.

Debunking “Harassment”

First, we will address the claims that the White Student Union targeted these two individuals with “harassment.” First, let us examine the definition of harassment:

harassment – n. aggressive pressure or intimidation.


As soon as one examines the definition of harassment, the entire claim falls apart. There is nothing intimidating or aggressive about placing a sticker in a public area.  Particularly when we have no idea where either “Alex” or “Lydia” live.  Of note, the Socialist Party of East Alabama has also been placing socialist propaganda in public places, e.g. taped to utility poles and power boxes, but we haven’t cried “harassment”.

Did someone write out violent threats or racial slurs on their doors or windows? Nope. In fact, if someone did such an act that it would clearly be illegal, unethical, and hopefully dealt with swiftly by law enforcement. Placing a sticker in a public area? Not so much.

The sticker in question didn’t even mention other races, religions, political beliefs, etc. and these two individuals somehow took the fact that our organization even exists as a personal slight against them. While the two individuals claim to be the victims of targeted harassment, they clearly have delusions of persecution.

The idea that a one-off event where a single sticker placed in a public area is somehow harassment of an individual is ridiculous. It is not harassment, and it is not even intimidation. If the sticker were placed on an article of belonging to the individual, such as a car, door, or mailbox, then it would certainly be harassment. But this is not the case. In fact, this is part of a larger trend of “Fake Hate Crimes” reported by Far-Left individuals that are not actually “hate” or “crimes” or “hate crimes” at all.  Meanwhile, the left ignores or even celebrates hate crimes against Whites, Trump supporters of any color, and Christians.

In particular, one of the alleged victims is not a reliable source of information on the topic of harassment. In fact, he has frequently harassed, endorsed, and even encouraged violence against individuals with differing views in the past.

Meet the “Victims”

Whenever the White Student Union heard of this harassment claim, we decided to withhold the alleged victims identities for their privacy. However, since one individual has made false statements and endorsed violence in both public and private about the White Student Union we will not withhold such information for him. His partner’s identity is withheld.

We can confirm that the couple which claimed to be targeted is in fact an interracial couple from a third-party’s post on Twitter. As a matter of policy we don’t harass inter-racial couples. In fact we’re pleased that a woman of color loves White people just as much as we do, so she decided to date a White man. We love White people, and everybody else should too.

Via a third party who reached out to us for this story, we can confirm that the “Alex” in the Eagle Eye article is fact Alex ██████, from ██████████ (wealthy suburb), Alabama.  The third party said that she has been keeping tabs on Alex’s violent and hateful rhetoric for several months.

Alex ██████

Alex █████ is a graduating Senior in ████████████ specializing in ████████ at Auburn University. He is closely tied to the radical, violent, far-left group known as Antifa (short for Anti-Fascist). Alex also has self-admitted Far-Left “socialist or further” sympathies. He frequently agitates against pro-White groups, such as the White Student Union, and plays apologist for Far-Left violence. Additionally, he told a fellow Auburn student who believes in the principles of free speech to “do the world a favor” and commit suicide.

"Do the world a favor and follow your leader"
Alex ██████ tells a free-speech advocate who thought Richard Spencer should have the right to speak to kill him/herself.

Likewise, he ominously threatened that a free-speech advocate who was not necessarily in agreement with Richard Spencer “deserve[s] all the bad things that will ever happen to you”:

To Alex, it seems that anyone who believes in free speech is a “Nazi,” and therefore can be attacked for no apparent reason.  Ominously, he warns that a free-speech advocate “deserve[s] every bad thing that will ever happen to you :)”

Militant Left Organizing

In April 2017, Alex ██████ made several posts across different forums, including Reddit and Facebook, attempting to organize other militant Far-Left individuals into a local organization. He attempted to create a chapter of the Young “Democratic” Socialists of America (YDS). Horrifically, the YDS is the same group that called for the “guillotine” of GOP lawmakers as well as for the complete extermination of “capitalists.” While it appears that such a group was never formed in Auburn, another radical group called the Socialist Party of East Alabama (SPEA) has formed in its place.

Despite working against supposed income inequality, Alex is what many would describe as a “parlor pinko” — he is a militant leftist from ███████████, one of the top-10 richest suburbs in Alabama.  If he believes in racial equality, we hope he will choose to live in a poor inner-city area with people of different races.  It’s profoundly hypocritical for liberals to push diversity on conservative Whites but not want it themselves, after all.

Via a string of public tweets, we have determined that Alex █████is behind the public Twitter account @No_Nazi_Auburn (now protected, presumably to protect his now-public identity).  @No_Nazi_Auburn has endorsed totalitarian tactics, like punching people it defines as “Nazis” (i.e. anyone to the right of Newt Gingrich) and releasing their private information online, known as doxing.

Via an archived Tweet, we can confirm Alex █████’s personal Twitter account is @mister_poohbear (now protected).

In April 2017, Alex posted in a private Facebook group seeking to form a space in Auburn for far-left leaning individuals. As usual, Alex used a common tactic among the far-left: he states that his organization is for “socialist[s] or further left“, quietly implying that Anarcho-Communists, Communists, and other militant left-wing individuals are the real recruitment goal.


We can link █████’s @No_Nazi_Auburn account to his other persona via use of extremely specific verbiage they share and stylography. Each account uses the phrase “signal boost” and spreads the incredibly related email address of and

Note how each of these already somewhat-similar persona repeatedly use the phrase “signal boost” when discussing the same thing (a Richard Spencer speech) in the same small time frame (April 2017).

Furthermore, Alex produced original flyers to protest Richard Spencer’s speech at Auburn in Spring 2017, and vandalized numerous maps across campus.

Alex, the Open Communist

In one instance, Alex even directly linked himself to his violent Far-Left ideology, by directly linking to his @No_Nazi_Auburn account. Alex even used his Reddit account /u/alexispres to organize the far left. Additionally, he posts on the militant left subreddits /r/FULLCOMMUNISM and /r/LateStageCapitalism.  Note that many individuals on /r/FULLCOMMUNISM endorse forcing dissenters into gulags, or Soviet-style work camps.

Additionally, he calls anyone who stands up for pro-White activist Richard Spencer a “Nazi Apologist.” Never mind that Richard Spencer has repeatedly stated he does not want to repeat Nazi policies.

Below, we have included further evidence corroborating our claims. Note that these screenshots of these posts were made in the past, and have the posts since been deleted. Presumably, Alex is trying to cover his tracks.

Militant Antifa Apologism and Eric Clanton

In addition, Alex has gone out frequently on social media playing apologist for the Far-Left group Antifa. Most notably, he defended the Berkeley bike-lock attacker Eric Clanton, who has since been arrested by police.

Using his Reddit account, /u/alexispres, Alex defended the violent left. When confronted about the incident by a moderate leftist who is opposed to violence, here’s whitewashed Clanton’s brutal beating on Facebook (responding to the below quoted text):

cw for violence (and yes I know the source is the problem): this was at Berkeley. The red shirt guy (who was pro Trump, had anti feminist t-shirt) was sitting down and a person in a black bandana and black clothing struck him on the top of the head with a lock.
This is what I’m talking about. This is not self defense. This doesn’t belong in Auburn.– [Jane Doe], April 17, 2017

More on Alex’s organizing of a radical left-wing group that is perfectly comfortable with violence:


It seems that with Alex’s has projected his endorsement of the use of violence against people who don’t share his views upon our organization. Fortunately for Alex, the Auburn White Student Union does not condone the targeted harassment and violence like the militant Left does.

Alex’s fears are unsubstantiated in this case, but come from another underlying cause: the increasing division from our country. As our country divides even more, this is inevitable. It is the policy of the Auburn White Student Union is to let each opposing faction peacefully and lawfully separate. That is a topic for another post for another time though, so stay on the lookout for it.

Lydia Doe

We have very little interest in talking about the “Lydia” from the article. All that we will note is that she is a typical militant left-wing agitator. From what the Socialist Party of East Alabama has itself stated, she is a woman of color and indeed a student at Auburn University.

“Lydia” claims to fear Auburn cops.  While we do not believe any innocent person should have to fear police misconduct, it is up to the reader to judge whether there is any substance to her claims.  She may have been mislead by her boyfriend, who routinely posts anti-Police content, as well as stating ACAB (Short for: “All Cops are Bastards”). On average, since there is no racial bias in police shootings, according to a Harvard study, her fears of the police are probably overblown.  Interestingly, in realistic police simulators, police are actually hesitate less to shoot a White person than a Black person who is equally threatening, although it’s always hard to translate such simulations to the real world.  Hmmm 🤔

We have no interest in any correspondence or communication with Lydia, unless she reaches out to us first. Until this post, we have not knowingly made a public comment about Lydia. If she wishes to respond to this post, she is free to do so. If such a post is made and it includes any deceitful material, we will debunk misleading statements in another post.

We hope that any correspondence we have with Lydia is respectful and peaceful.


The claims of targeted harassment are false, and originate from individuals who have an incentive to lie about our organization, and have attacked our organization in the past (as we have documented). Moreover, the described activities which occurred do not even constitute harassment, let alone specific targeting.

The Auburn White Student Union denies and disavows all claims of harassment. We don’t harass people; it is simply not productive in any way, shape, or form. We and other pro-White organizations are routinely attacked with lies and slander, because there is no meaningful rebuke to our unapologetic and unashamed pro-White message. Our message is powerful because it is true. Thus, anti-White individuals and groups attack us with libel since they fail at any other fashion of engaging us.

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