Announcing the White Problems Project

Today, the Auburn White Student Union is announcing the White Problems Project. This project is an attempt to educate and alert students to the contemporary problems affecting White people in Auburn, Alabama, and America.

What are White Problems?

So, what exactly are White problems? White problems are contemporary social, fiscal, and cultural issues predominately affecting White people’s standard of living across Alabama as well as America. That is not to say that these issues only affect White people; these issues obviously apply to individuals of all races and creeds.

Moreover, it is not to imply that there are not other issues affecting our country today; these are just the issues that predominantly affect White peoples. Our country still has other issues such as feeding the homeless, providing affordable healthcare, preserving our environment from pollution, and giving people livable wages. These other issues are still important, but we are not addressing them with this project. White people have bigger issues to deal with, and we should focus on those first.

Selected Topics

How do we select White problems? Well, our organization has chosen the biggest issues that are facing White people today. At first, we brainstormed quite a bit of things, but we decided to narrow things down by making some requirements.

For a topic to qualify, we created three requirements:

  1. The topic must severely affect White people’s quality of life.
  2. It must be under-reported in the mainstream media.
  3. And it must be solvable using conventional and reasonable methods.

Using these criteria as a baseline, and narrowing the selection down to a handful of topics was difficult. However, after some contemplation, we decided upon the following:

  • Health, Drugs, and Pharmaceuticals
  • Demographic Changes
  • Social Change
  • K-12 and Collegiate Education
  • Gender Issues

By addressing these topics and raising awareness towards them, we hope to improve the situation of all peoples affected by these problems. We hope that by bringing these issues to light the public will focus on and fix these issues.

We are releasing literature detailing White problems in the near future. So, stay tuned!

Our Peace Offering to the Far Left: Or, Why Voluntary Separatism Rights For Everyone Are the Only Way to Peace

Recently, I wrote an offer of peace to a far-left group in Auburn.  This peace offer extends to all other groups opposed to White Separatism and details a realistic plan for our warring groups to create a lasting peace.

Specifically, I called for both of our groups to commit to acknowledging the other’s right to exist, and to begin dialogue trying to imagine a country and world in which our respective groups (races, political movements, etc.) could peacefully coexist in delineated territory, with neither one trying to wipe the other out and steal its territory. 

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