Our Peace Offering to the Far Left: Or, Why Voluntary Separatism Rights For Everyone Are the Only Way to Peace

Recently, I wrote an offer of peace to a far-left group in Auburn.  This peace offer extends to all other groups opposed to White Separatism and details a realistic plan for our warring groups to create a lasting peace.

Specifically, I called for both of our groups to commit to acknowledging the other’s right to exist, and to begin dialogue trying to imagine a country and world in which our respective groups (races, political movements, etc.) could peacefully coexist in delineated territory, with neither one trying to wipe the other out and steal its territory. 

After all, in the end it’s inconceivable that either White Nationalists or communists will be able to control all of America, and there is little point in wasting our energies fighting with each other instead of trying to advance our own groups.

To this end, I sent several prominent members of the SPEA the letter I’ve reprinted below, redacting only the surname of an individual we discovered to be responsible for threats of violence (more on him, minus identifying information, here).

I have emboldened the paragraphs that discuss specific steps I would like my group and theirs to take towards bringing our larger groups into peace.  The first few paragraphs may not be of much interest to those not party to the specific squabble that prompted this letter.

Hi SPEA, this is Wyatt, president of the AWSU.

First, we’d like to extend an olive branch to Alex ██████ after our recent squabble (over his claims we harassed him with targeted stickering, and our counter-claim that this is unbelievable coming from someone who has himself advocated both doxing and even violence toward us). If you look at our site and Twitter now, you’ll see that we’ve redacted his last name and all other identifying information about him (his major, career interests, etc.), using just the “Alex” that he supplied to Eagle Eye.

Previously, a Google search on “Alex ██████ Auburn” put our pages on the issue at the very top, and that’s without any SEO efforts on our part. Hopefully, Google will quickly forget this. We think that, even with his identifying information redacted, we can still effectively refute the charges of harassment and illustrate that “this particular individual” has himself advocated not just doxing, but violence. Of note, we never put out his contact information, address, or other information that could facilitate harassment of him, which I suppose is the true definition of ‘doxing’.

This intelligent young man no doubt has a bright future ahead of him, and we have realized that mistakes made during a time of increased political strife should not necessarily be held against him, IF they were just made in the “heat of battle” and are not part of a concerted attempt to instigate violence. After all, it’s hard for anyone (us, Alex, etc.) to react charitably to what is perceived as a threat (even if, for our part, we didn’t intend it as such), and the division in this country is certainly increasing rapidly.

In return, we’re NOT asking for your party or for Alex to retract any claims about the WSU. Instead, we’re asking for genuine dialogue that could produce a permanent solution to end hatred and violence between our larger movements: some compromise that honors the respective interests of everyone involved, especially the basic right to survive. (Survival is a major concern for White people, who are facing extinction from globalist policies and who specifically fear, perhaps wrongly, that socialists/communists would deny us the very right to continue our race). After all, if our group and your group continue to spend our energies fighting each other (wasting energy needed to grow our groups and increase our power relative to the mainstream), the corrupt political establishment will have nothing to fear and we’ll just needlessly intensify the cycle of hatred against each other.

First, we’d issue specific statements condemning harassment, targetted leafletting/stickering, and especially violence towards SPEA members and other leftists in the spirit of good will. In return, we think it would be fair for No_Nazi_Auburn to release a repudiation of their previous calls for “punching Nazis” (although we are not Naziswe interpret this as a direct threat since we are called such by the left), “doxing alt-Right”, etc., and we’d appreciate it if SPEA could re-tweet this since NNA’s leader is a member of your party. We’d also like to see a statement refusing recruitment for people who promote violence. We have recently issued injunctions against harassing and even unkind speech, and will make it central to our recruiting requirements.

However, these specific statements alone would just be a temporary, band-aid solution. The root problem is that both of our larger movements need to recognize that the other side has a right to exist, separately and free of the influence of the other, as long as they’re not aggressing against anyone. Our part of the solution is to commit the alt-Right as a whole to find a peaceful means of political restructuring in the USA that would create spaces for people on the far-left, people in the center, people in the far-right, etc. to peacefully coexist. Specifically, our WSU in particular has long denounced any “White Supremacist” system in which Whites would rule over, enslave, or otherwise control people of other races. Instead, we endorse Self-Determination for all races, political groups (esp. yours), and general masses of people that want to grow into a multicultural polity or stay White, as the case may be.

For your part towards creating a lasting peace, could you endorse the right of those Whites who want to survive and exist as White to do so? Just as we do not want our future ethnostate to be a “White Supremacist” system in which Whites would rule over non-Whites, could you oppose intentions by any ethnicity, globalist cabal, or ideology seeking to rule Whites who don’t want to be ruled by same? Could you endorse Self-Determination for those Whites who want it, just as we endorse it for other races, special political groups (including yours), multicultural polities, etc.? You would be welcome to have communism in your space, as long as you did not seek to impose it on our space. Isn’t this, in principle, a mutually-beneficial compromise?

If we can agree, we can then get into the nitty-gritty details of how Self-Determination for Everyone would be achieved in practice in these Disunited States. While this aspect might seem more like an academic exercise coming from young people with little political power, they could set a great example for larger groups on our respective sides (and free up both of our energies to recruit new members). Moreover, your young members will likely one day be influential in the larger far-left movement in the US, and ditto for our WSU members in the far-right, so we might as well get used to seeking compromises with each other. Even at the height of the Cold War, the US and USSR learned that they must be able to communicate to avert unnecessary conflict. Why not now?

I’m convinced we can devise a mutually-agreeable solution to the current stressful and conflict-ridden status quo and grow a good-faith relationship culminating in peaceful separation. If instead both sides compete for control over the entire country, probably neither of us would succeed and the neoliberal-neoconservative cabal would continue to rule by default. I trust neither of us wants to dominate the other, especially not so badly that they would risk that. Finally, if your communist system would indeed be better for White people than the ethnonationalist system we want, all you would need is time and space to cultivate it, and Whites would abandon the ethnostate and join you! I’m guessing you truly believe in your system and thus you see no need to impose it on others by force. Likewise for us: we anticipate that the world’s first White ethnostate will start off quite small, but will quickly attract millions of Whites once they see the safety from crime it can offer its citizens, the improved economy when globalist international bankers aren’t able to steal from it, and the social unity and cohesion available in a nation united at every level. Thus, we have no interest in forcible conquest, and trust that you feel the same.

In peace,
Wyatt Mann
President, Auburn White Student Union

As shown by the rapid rise of the alt-Right (with 9% of all Americans, not just White Americans, willing to admit to a pollster that they support the alt-Right, even in the charged atmostphere after the tragic violence at Charlottesville), Whites will not simply “go away” and consent to being bred out of existence, replaced in our own homelands and neighborhoods, or betrayed by a government beholden to international elites.

At the same time, there are clearly many Americans, including left-wing White Americans and most people of color, who are opposed to the alt-Right.  Here at the AUWSU, we believe that “small is beautiful”, that there is no universal, “one size fits all” solution to politics, and that the disparate groups that are forced together in the USA should not be allowed to dominate each other and force their different visions upon each other.  Instead, we believe that each group should have its own territory and be self-governing, not oppressed by other groups.  As it is, America is already fractured into groups that barely regard each other as compatriots and have less and less in common: witness the political violence that has erupted in just the past 12 months.  Forcing these groups together is inhumane.

At the WSU, we draw on the proposal of the “All Nations Party” at “Attack the System”, an attempt to unite people of all ideologies opposed to The Establishment, provided that they respect the right to existence of all other groups.  This movement could unite groups as disparate as progressives, Black Nationalists, White Nationalists, paleoconservatives, Chicano Separatists, libertarians, anarchists, communists, #CalExit (liberal California-secessionists), … the list is nearly endless.  Additionally, the movement intends to respect mainstream Republican/Democrat strongholds by creating moderate-conservative [though this is defacto White] and moderate-left homelands in addition to an explicitly White Nationalist, Black Nationalist, communist, etc. areas.

There are three camps of people who would oppose this plan.  First, we have people who idealistically think the American Empire can be made to work if people will just be more civil, accepting, etc. of each other.  With division escalating and White Americans increasingly conscious that they are being rapidly replaced even as anti-Whites believe this process is not nearly rapid enough, the status quo will not be able to hold for another generation.  Second, we have those who have practical concerns about whether this can be achieved peacefully–drawing on secession movements after the fall of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Empire, I personally believe it could be accomplished stress-free in a mere 10 years, thereby guaranteeing a century of peace on the American continent.  In any event, these two groups have reasonable concerns that must be thoroughly addressed.

The third are the globalists themselves, who want small opposition groups squabbling amongst themselves as they continue the planned destruction of America (while squeezing out every last drop of American blood in useless wars, money from the big-government/big-business alliance, and racial pride of all groups as they are manipulated into an undifferentiated, meaningless mass of empty people without identity).  They are an incredibly dangerous foe thanks to their manipulative ability to wield power behind the scenes.

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