The Auburn White Student Union has three tiers of membership. All three tiers of membership require applicants to be an Auburn University student, alumnus, employee, or faculty member.

For each tier, we take special care to ensure that every  aspect of your identity is kept secret. Membership is as anonymous as you want it to be.

Apply for membership by filling out this form.

Auxiliary Membership

Auxiliary Membership is for individuals who are sympathetic to our cause. We invite individuals of all races, creeds, and political stances to join this tier. Individuals who agree with some of AWSU’s  positions but are uncomfortable with some of our other positions should consider an Auxiliary membership.

Trial Membership

Trial membership is for individuals of European ancestry and good character. During trial membership, the AWSU admissions committee examines each member for skills, resources, and other traits that may aid our cause.

To advance through the Trial membership, you are required to meet in person with another member of AWSU, but you are not required to share your real name or any personally identifiable information.

After adequate examination, the admissions committee will either approve or reject a member’s trial membership. If approved, the the applicant will be promoted to full membership. If rejected, the applicant will be demoted to auxiliary membership.

Full Membership

Full membership is granted to individuals who have completed their Trial membership. Individuals with full membership have access to the inner sanctum of the organization. Individuals with full membership have complete access to AWSU’s resources.