Auburn Contributes to the #MarchAgainstSharia!

Thousands of patriotic Americans in over a dozen cities just stood up against the evils of Islamic religious law, known as “Sharia” in Arabic, in the much-publicized #MarchAgainstSharia.

Patriots in Auburn also took part in this activism! We launched a campaign to raise awareness of the threat of Sharia law with these posters (here’s a readable PDF that you can read, print off, and share with others!)

So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive: over a dozen people have sent us contacts either encouraging us or inquiring about membership (not bad for summer semester!).  It’s no surprise that patriotic Auburn students and citizens are deeply concerned about radical Islam enforcing its crazy religious laws in the US.  Thanks for standing with us against Sharia, Auburn, and W.A.R. E.A.G.L.E.!!

Fun fact: the design of the “Sharia-Free Zone” poster is actually a spoof off of posters that Islamic radicals plastered over a “no-go” zone in London (a very dangerous ghetto controlled by Islamic radicals that police and emergency services often fear to enter).  They were proclaiming Islamic law in this English neighborhood and subtly threatening women who did not dress “modestly”.

Remember: as barbaric and disgusting as the retrograde religion of Islam is, the real danger is from the traitorous politicians that are bringing in potentially-dangerous immigrants, against the will of the people.

That said, our treasonous political establishment is partly responsible for the war and destruction in the Middle East that has created these radicals.  E.g. the failed War in Iraq (that neoconservative Jews in America pushed to defeat the secular, anti-Islamist dictator Saddam Hussein just because he was a threat to Israel) paved the way for ISIS.

That’s why we and millions of other patriots were overjoyed when Donald Trump declared his opposition to the neocons’ Wars for Israel.  Of course, the “Republican” and Democratic establishments were outraged!

Additionally, we are happy to ally with secular, nationalist Arabs who want to throw off the shackles of demonic Islam.  In particular, we support non-religious Palestinian liberation organizations against Israel’s brutal and genocidal occupation of Palestine (the cunning Israelis actually supported religious nutcases in Hamas to take away support from the non-religious Palestine Liberation Organization! Then, they use their demonic religious puppets to wreak barbarism as only Islam can, ruining the countries that would otherwise fight against the Israeli War Machine).

Needless to say, if Israelis will heartlessly genocide Arab Gentiles, they’d happily do the same to other innocent Gentiles, including White, Black, and Asian.  But the alt-Right is quickly rising in power and will soon be able to oppose their supremacy and promote peaceful coexistence for all peoples (instead of forced diversity that always ends in conflict and unnecessary hatred between different groups that can’t get along)

Kek and the SPLC’s Lies

The Southern Poverty Law Center has written a new hit piece. Unsurprisingly it has again turned to be absolutely wrong again. Here at AWSU, we are starting to think that the SPLC has absolutely no credibility whatsoever (especially after that last debacle). If the SPLC can’t be bothered to conduct simple research about Kek and his adherents, how could they be trusted about anything?

The offense this time is  creating some unbelievably inaccurate content about Kek, Kekistan, and the Cult of Kek.

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Response to Auburn University SPLC

It is finals week, and we wish all students at Auburn University the best of luck with their final exams.

However, this post is not about finals: it is about criticism from the Auburn University chapter of the SPLC on Campus (AUSPLC) and their incorrect remarks concerning the Auburn White Student Union (AWSU). Specifically, we will be addressing their comments concerning our website and the activism of individuals on campus.

In this post, we will explain why  AWSU is not ignorant and why AUSPLC is ignorant and anti-White.

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April 23rd: The Day of the Flyer

Exposing the Noahide Laws

We’ve begun to expose the racist, anti-Gentile, anti-Christian Noahide Laws that secret Jewish cults one day want to force upon the whole world.  While this may still take them decades, their massive power in the US political establishment has allowed them to hint at their aims without being punished, since their lackeys in the Lying Press hide it.  Why they do this–whether to gloat, to inform those “in the know” but not directly connected that their plans are going well, or for some symbolic or ritual purpose–we don’t know.

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