Our Speech at the Honors College: What did it REALLY Say?

Dear reader, there has been misinformation and outright slander about what I actually said at the Honors College event earlier this week. In order to allay people’s concerns that unkind things were said, I’m publishing the full recording here. It’s a bit long, about 23.5 minutes mostly just of me speaking, plus a couple minutes of dialogue with students before one angry communist prevented students from asking further questions.  He was since charged by Auburn City Police for this disruption.

For those who don’t have time to listen to the whole recording, here are some of the main points (along with timestamps to confirm that is indeed what I said).

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Announcing the White Problems Project

Today, the Auburn White Student Union is announcing the White Problems Project. This project is an attempt to educate and alert students to the contemporary problems affecting White people in Auburn, Alabama, and America.

What are White Problems?

So, what exactly are White problems? White problems are contemporary social, fiscal, and cultural issues predominately affecting White people’s standard of living across Alabama as well as America. That is not to say that these issues only affect White people; these issues obviously apply to individuals of all races and creeds.

Moreover, it is not to imply that there are not other issues affecting our country today; these are just the issues that predominantly affect White peoples. Our country still has other issues such as feeding the homeless, providing affordable healthcare, preserving our environment from pollution, and giving people livable wages. These other issues are still important, but we are not addressing them with this project. White people have bigger issues to deal with, and we should focus on those first.

Selected Topics

How do we select White problems? Well, our organization has chosen the biggest issues that are facing White people today. At first, we brainstormed quite a bit of things, but we decided to narrow things down by making some requirements.

For a topic to qualify, we created three requirements:

  1. The topic must severely affect White people’s quality of life.
  2. It must be under-reported in the mainstream media.
  3. And it must be solvable using conventional and reasonable methods.

Using these criteria as a baseline, and narrowing the selection down to a handful of topics was difficult. However, after some contemplation, we decided upon the following:

  • Health, Drugs, and Pharmaceuticals
  • Demographic Changes
  • Social Change
  • K-12 and Collegiate Education
  • Gender Issues

By addressing these topics and raising awareness towards them, we hope to improve the situation of all peoples affected by these problems. We hope that by bringing these issues to light the public will focus on and fix these issues.

We are releasing literature detailing White problems in the near future. So, stay tuned!

Our Peace Offering to the Far Left: Or, Why Voluntary Separatism Rights For Everyone Are the Only Way to Peace

Recently, I wrote an offer of peace to a far-left group in Auburn.  This peace offer extends to all other groups opposed to White Separatism and details a realistic plan for our warring groups to create a lasting peace.

Specifically, I called for both of our groups to commit to acknowledging the other’s right to exist, and to begin dialogue trying to imagine a country and world in which our respective groups (races, political movements, etc.) could peacefully coexist in delineated territory, with neither one trying to wipe the other out and steal its territory. 

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LEAK: SPEA Chat Logs Confirm Minutes Authenticity


This post is a follow up of our previous post on the SPEA Halloween Meeting Minutes leak. If you haven’t read that post, go ahead and read it now.

We have only had a few brief days to go through all of the data in this leak. Below, you will find a partial release and analysis of what we have found relating to the previous October minutes leak.

The purpose of this release is to bolster and prove our claims that the leaks we have released are authentic.


The Auburn White Student Union, through the same source of the last leak, is now prepared to release select portions of the chat logs of the Socialist Party of East Alabama (SPEA). These chat logs confirm the Auburn White Student Union’s position that the previous leak is authentic. Moreover, these leaks reveal that the version of the minutes released were authored by Lyndsey, who appears to be the wife of Justin, the chairman of SPEA.

The selected content in this release will do the following:

  1. Confirm that the previously leaked minutes were indeed created by the SPEA (or an SPEA member), and not fabricated wholesale or in part by AUWSU.
  2. Link the identities of Lyndsey, the creator of the document (according to metadata) to El Pinto (@TessaractRed on Telegram).
  3. Prove that SPEA’s tweets that we posted in the previous article are lies, and prove that our own claims are true.

The reasoning that Justin (who runs SPEA’s Twitter account) did not have access to the minutes on his phone does not add up,  confirming our suspicions. Justin was a member of the very same Telegram chat in which the minutes were posted in. This means that SPEA’s claim that the minutes they posted are only minutes for the Halloween meeting is a flat-out lie.

Moreover, the minutes provided by SPEA on Twitter appear to be the draft minutes for the October 31st meeting. The copy which our organization has obtained is the final meeting minutes which were distributed via a private channel on Telegram. This somewhat lines up with the SPEA’s narrative that minutes were distributed to members. What SPEA seems to have lied about is the version of minutes distributed, as well as the number of pages in the original meeting minutes.

Keep lying, and we will keep leaking, Socialist Party of East Alabama.


Lyndsey (aka El Pinto) posts a copy of the Halloween Meeting minutes to SPEA chat.
Chats linking “Lyndsey” to the persona El Pinto.
Further messages linking “Lyndsey” to the “El Pinto” persona.
The Metadata from the document Lyndsey posted suggests that indeed Lyndsey is the author of the document.

You can download an original copy of the minutes (unmodified) by using this link:  SPEA Halloween Meeting Minutes LEAK.docx.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. More news and reveals are coming, so stay tuned!

If you would like to submit a tip, you can do so 100% anonymously by visiting our tip page. Join our tip network, and we will make it worth your while.

LEAK: Auburn Socialist Party Plans to Harass and Track Foes


Notice: we have updated the article to reflect SPEA’s responses on Twitter.

We recently revealed the vitriol and violent rhetoric of Socialist Party of East Alabama (SPEA) member Alex Hilley encouraging violence against anyone who stands up for the principle of free speech. We were forced to reveal this evidence after Alex crafted a fake story about how our members “harassed” him by placing stickers coincidentally near his dwelling. After this little reveal, the SPEA went into damage control mode.

It all started when we called them out on Twitter for spreading a fake harassment story:

This tweet is available as an archive in case they delete it.

The Big Lie

After that, SPEA sent out a series of Tweets accusing us of stalking and harassing their members. Yet, they do the exact same thing, even at their own party meetings! They played with fire, and now they’re getting burned. They  should not have gotten into a showdown with master trolls.

Eventually, we called them out for using their official party meetings as a place to plan the harassment and outing of our members, known as doxing. Here’s the tweet (archive here):

Little did they know, we have hard evidence that they lied. So we gave them a second chance to fix up their little fib. Instead, they took the bait and doubled-down!

An archive of their response is here. Well, we’re here to deliver the evidence we promised. But first, let’s give a little background.

UPDATE: SPEA has tripled-down on their lie, yet again! SPEA tweeted a single page of their Halloween meeting minutes. These minutes are incredibly incomplete. We called them out on their lies yet again (archive):

An archive of the above post is available.


The Leak

Below is a document an anonymous source gave to a third-party Auburn University student organization unaffiliated with ours. A sympathetic student in  that the organization saw the document, and forwarded it to us. To  clarify, here’s what the chain of custody looks like:

This is all possible due to our fantastic network of people embedded in various Auburn organizations. We love you, and thank-you so much.

After some investigation, we’ve confirmed that these are indeed the actual meeting minutes of the SPEA. This proves that they flat-out lied about “Outing WSU members.”

Here is the leak of the October 31, 2017 minutes for the SPEA meeting (the red ink was added by one of our own members):

SPEA October 2017 Minutes Leak


The leak image above is a photocopy of the minutes of the Socialist Party of East Alabama meeting minutes on October 31, 2017. This proves that not only was SPEA plotting on outing our members, but they also did it in an official party capacity! It turns out that a bunch of Communists are liars, who’d a thunk?

A second important takeaway is the interchangeable use of Communist and Socialist throughout the minutes. This is a common tactic throughout the far-left, since Communism has a negative connotation due to the massive genocides it has caused.

A third takeaway from this document is the use of the term agitprop. Interestingly, agitprop is a term meaning soviet-style political propaganda. It appears that the SPEA is just rebranded Communism; too bad real Communism was already tried – and failed – back in the 1990s.

A fourth an final takeaway from this leak is how the SPEA feels uncomfortable that their party is “a very white party.” White people shouldn’t feel insecure because of the color of their skin or their European heritage. They should be proud! It is clear that the Auburn White Student Union has much more work to do on campus to end White guilt.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. More news and reveals are coming, so stay tuned!

If you would like to submit a tip, you can do so 100% anonymously by visiting our tip page.

Debunking Fake Claims of Harassment, and Exposing Real Calls for Violence

Yesterday (November 28), Eagle Eye TV published a story in which two Auburn University students claimed to be targets of harassment by the Auburn White Student Union. The notion that these two individuals were specifically targeted for harassment is laughable and categorically false. A single sticker randomly placed in a public area which is vaguely near one’s place of residence does not constitute harassment.

Moreover, the idea that the Auburn White Student Union is opposed to individuals with disabilities is completely false. As an organization, we strive to be inclusive and supportive of our members with intellectual disabilities such as autism. We use these members to strengthen both our online and real-life activism. They have proven to be a valuable asset.

The Auburn White Student Union does not condone the use of violence or intimidation in any shape or form. In fact, individuals who wish to affiliate but have have made unkind or harassing social media posts are refused admission into our organization.  White Separatism is a fundamentally peaceful ideology that can actually reduce conflict.

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The Tiger Transit Rape and Sodomy

Tony Martin Patillo and James Don Johnson Jr.

On Friday, September 15, 2017 a young woman was allegedly raped and sodomized on a Tiger Transit route by two Black men.

This is a developing story. We will keep it updated as more information comes out. All suspects are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


At around midnight, September 15 a young woman was sexually sodomized and raped by two men (mugshots below) working for First Transit, the contractor which runs Auburn University’s Tiger Transit service, per The Auburn Plainsman. The incident took place in the 700 block of Aspen Heights Ln. Allegedly, the victim was intoxicated (presumably with alcohol) at the time of the incident. It is probable that she was searching for a ride home from the bars in Downtown Auburn (located near Toomer’s Corner) on the Friday of the incident.

700 Aspen Heights Ln
The location of 700 Aspen Heights Ln relative to Auburn University.  On average, it is a relatively-safe community, a far cry from the notorious “Tiger Lodge” near WalMart or the North Donahue/Martin Luther King Rd. area.

The two suspects, James Don Johnson Jr. and Tony Martin Patillo have been arrested in connection with this crime, according to the Auburn Police Department.  Patillo does not even live in Auburn: he resides in Columbus, GA.  Sadly, James Johnson appears to live in the nice part of Auburn.

Both Auburn University and First Transit have made statements condemning this incident, but we at the Auburn White Student Union believe that neither organization will investigate possible racial issues on the transit system, nor take any steps to combat them if they are proven.

The Suspects

The Auburn Police Department has taken two primary suspects into custody: Tony Martin Patillo (age 51) and James Don Johnson Jr. (age 32) pictured below to the left and right respectively.

Tony Martin Patillo and James Don Johnson Jr.
Tony Martin Patillo and James Don Johnson Jr.  You can see their criminality in their faces.

According to public statements, both were employees of First Transit. The company has said it is investigating this incident.

First Transit is supposed to conduct background checks on all employees working in accordance to their contract with Auburn University (according the The Auburn Plainsman). Yet, our investigative team found that Tony Martin Patillo made a Facebook post saying there were “drivers needed” with “no background checks” at Auburn University. At the moment, we can only assume that Patillo was referring to jobs with Tiger Transit.

Patillo boasts that no background check is required to get access to vulnerable Auburn students.

At this time, we do not know if Patillo or Johnson have any prior criminal history or issues.  While it is true that the contractor says that they did conduct background checks on both suspects, no proof of this claim has been released to the public, and it is conceivable that the contractor lied to protect its reputation: perhaps through incompetence or corruption, the company did not give the suspects the vetting it should have.

The other possibility is that Mr. Patillo has a very low IQ and did not even comprehend that a background check was performed on him (even though such things require an individual’s consent).  In this case, the contractor would be negligent for hiring such unintelligent individuals, since reaction time and IQ are moderately correlated, at least at the lower end of the spectrum.

Interracial Violence

The history of interracial violence at Auburn University is not new: it is long and painful; in recent decades, it has largely been Black-on-White, although in the more distant past the roles were reversed. For example, back on April 18, 2017 when Richard Spencer spoke on the Auburn University campus a Black male robbed a woman near Donahue Residence Hall. And before that Auburn University freshman Lauren Burk was sexually assaulted and murdered by a Black man in 2008.

Ending interracial hostility and promoting safety and belonging for all people is one of the many reasons that the AWSU supports giving people true freedom of association and allowing them to separate themselves from groups with whom they cannot get along.  It is not our goal to demonize Black people or make all of them feel bad for the actions of some of their members, just as it is ludicrous to blame Whites today for the actions of their distant ancestors; rather, we wish to highlight the way that crime trends are suppressed by the FakeNews Media and how far from the facts White Guilt is.

To further this point, in Auburn University’s data on racial demographics (2016), Whites accounted for 21,863 of the 28,290 students enrolled at Auburn University. This means that there is a 77.282% chance that the student assaulted was White, making this incident yet another one of Black-on-White violence.

However, all information about a victim in this sort of situation is shielded unless (s)he chooses to come forward with it, as it should be.  In general, political correctness motivates government agencies do their best to obscure the data at hand. For example, the Bureau of Justice Statistics started omitting data on interracial violence in the National Crime Victimization Survey whenever Barack Obama took office in 2009 (via American Renaissance).  What do they need to hide from you?

Returning to the story at hand, we only have context clues to determine the race of the victim. Based off what police reports have said, the victim was a college girl returning home around midnight on Friday. These activities, given the demographics at Auburn University, suggest that the victim is probably White.

However, to respect the privacy of the individual, we will be not releasing any more information as to the victim’s identity until she grants us permission to do so, or she goes out to the public. Additionally, we have not sought out the victim, as in many of these cases the attention can be re-traumatizing.

Until then, we can all but confirm that the victim of #TigerTransit tragedy was White. But we cannot know her race for certain until the facts come out in a courtroom, so we suspend our judgement until then. After all, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Historical Precedent

This incident echoes one that took place more than 10 years ago: the brutal murder and attempted rape of Lauren Burk (via OANow).

On the night of March 4, 2008 Lauren Burk was kidnapped by Courtney Lockhart, a man who was dishonorably discharged from the United States Army.

Lauren Burk
Lauren Burk was murdered March 4, 2008.
Courtney Lockhart
Courtney Lockhart, the murderer of Lauren Burk.

On the night in question, Lockhart abducted Burk into his car. He then proceeded to sexually assault her and eventually murdered her by shooting Burk in the back through her lung. She died on Shug Jordan Parkway, underneath the stars. Luckily, justice was served, and Lockhart was sentenced to death for his atrocious acts.

Lockhart’s defense team tried to shift blame to PTSD upon seeing comrades in Iraq killed by a mortar strike.  While PTSD can indeed provoke fearful and violent reactions that are hard to control, they must be triggered by a stimulus reminiscent of the original trauma (and it is hard to imagine what this young woman or her dorm room could have had in common with the Iraqi battlefield).  Furthermore, Lockhart camped out for hours in various dorm parking lots on campus before finding his victim, whereas PTSD events should only last minutes.

The Lockhart and Patillo-Johnson cases are yet more reasons for students to take a proactive role in securing their campus.  If any individuals are behaving suspiciously, feel free to call the police: since Lockhart spent an entire class day in various parking lots where he did not belong, observant students should have been able to report him to police, who would have at least put him under surveillance.  Likewise, while the University Administration unconstitutionally bars students from most articles of self-defense, common pocketknives are allowed (although, shockingly, pepper spray is said to be forbidden although not directly addressed in this policy document!)

Likewise, this recent crime and Saturday night’s alleged rape of an intoxicated student at a frat house indicate that intoxicated students must learn to drink responsibly and stay in the company of a non-intoxicated, trusted friend.  It is our opinion that various Prohibition-Era policies targeted at underage drinking are completely ineffective in actually reducing it, and instead just drive it underground where it cannot be supervised.  Hence, at the national level we support changing the legal drinking age to 18, so that drunk people can be properly supervised and protected from super-predators.

Our New Survey, and Protesting Forced Replacement

Hi Auburn Tigers!  You’ve probably seen our new postering campaign exposing how White people are being replaced against their will, and demanding that White conservatives have the option of having their own homeland (just as liberals should have a multicultural homeland, other races can do their own thing, etc.).  Of course, that homeland would be complete with a government and financial system controlled by and for the People of that homeland, not by an alien elite of globalist bankers, warmongers who waste our Soldiers’ lives abroad, the Lying Media, and immigration-pushers.

Well, here’s the survey that goes with it.  No matter what your views are, we want to hear your opinion, and if you ask us a question, we guarantee a human will answer it!  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfiTZduroOrHFnnoVuqApCm2PG9j-2lXBamt8IaOan1Cp8rpA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.

Auburn Contributes to the #MarchAgainstSharia!

Thousands of patriotic Americans in over a dozen cities just stood up against the evils of Islamic religious law, known as “Sharia” in Arabic, in the much-publicized #MarchAgainstSharia.

Patriots in Auburn also took part in this activism! We launched a campaign to raise awareness of the threat of Sharia law with these posters (here’s a readable PDF that you can read, print off, and share with others!)

So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive: over a dozen people have sent us contacts either encouraging us or inquiring about membership (not bad for summer semester!).  It’s no surprise that patriotic Auburn students and citizens are deeply concerned about radical Islam enforcing its crazy religious laws in the US.  Thanks for standing with us against Sharia, Auburn, and W.A.R. E.A.G.L.E.!!

Fun fact: the design of the “Sharia-Free Zone” poster is actually a spoof off of posters that Islamic radicals plastered over a “no-go” zone in London (a very dangerous ghetto controlled by Islamic radicals that police and emergency services often fear to enter).  They were proclaiming Islamic law in this English neighborhood and subtly threatening women who did not dress “modestly”.

Remember: as barbaric and disgusting as the retrograde religion of Islam is, the real danger is from the traitorous politicians that are bringing in potentially-dangerous immigrants, against the will of the people.

That said, our treasonous political establishment is partly responsible for the war and destruction in the Middle East that has created these radicals.  E.g. the failed War in Iraq (that neoconservative Jews in America pushed to defeat the secular, anti-Islamist dictator Saddam Hussein just because he was a threat to Israel) paved the way for ISIS.

That’s why we and millions of other patriots were overjoyed when Donald Trump declared his opposition to the neocons’ Wars for Israel.  Of course, the “Republican” and Democratic establishments were outraged!

Additionally, we are happy to ally with secular, nationalist Arabs who want to throw off the shackles of demonic Islam.  In particular, we support non-religious Palestinian liberation organizations against Israel’s brutal and genocidal occupation of Palestine (the cunning Israelis actually supported religious nutcases in Hamas to take away support from the non-religious Palestine Liberation Organization! Then, they use their demonic religious puppets to wreak barbarism as only Islam can, ruining the countries that would otherwise fight against the Israeli War Machine).

Needless to say, if Israelis will heartlessly genocide Arab Gentiles, they’d happily do the same to other innocent Gentiles, including White, Black, and Asian.  But the alt-Right is quickly rising in power and will soon be able to oppose their supremacy and promote peaceful coexistence for all peoples (instead of forced diversity that always ends in conflict and unnecessary hatred between different groups that can’t get along)

Kek and the SPLC’s Lies

The Southern Poverty Law Center has written a new hit piece. Unsurprisingly it has again turned to be absolutely wrong again. Here at AWSU, we are starting to think that the SPLC has absolutely no credibility whatsoever (especially after that last debacle). If the SPLC can’t be bothered to conduct simple research about Kek and his adherents, how could they be trusted about anything?

The offense this time is  creating some unbelievably inaccurate content about Kek, Kekistan, and the Cult of Kek.

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