Helpful Guides and Resources

The Auburn White Student Union offers students and members of our community resources on issues you may face.

While we publish our work primarily to aid Auburn University students of European heritage, we believe that these resources will be useful to our allies of non-European heritage as well. We hope that everybody can find something useful on this page.

For any emergencies, call 911.

Anti-White Racism

This section applies to anyone who wants to fight anti-White racism and rhetoric on campus.

Pro-White Resources

This section applies to individuals who would like resources to learn about and advocate for White peoples and contemporary White issues.

Student Resources


This section applies mostly to women, but can also be applied to men as well.

  • We recommend all Auburn women take PHED 2200 (Self Defense for Women).
  • We encourage women at Auburn University to carry pepper spray for self defense. If you do carry pepper spray, then we urge you to practice using it.
  • Campus Security Shuttle: Call (334) 844-7400