LEAK: SPEA Chat Logs Confirm Minutes Authenticity


This post is a follow up of our previous post on the SPEA Halloween Meeting Minutes leak. If you haven’t read that post, go ahead and read it now.

We have only had a few brief days to go through all of the data in this leak. Below, you will find a partial release and analysis of what we have found relating to the previous October minutes leak.

The purpose of this release is to bolster and prove our claims that the leaks we have released are authentic.


The Auburn White Student Union, through the same source of the last leak, is now prepared to release select portions of the chat logs of the Socialist Party of East Alabama (SPEA). These chat logs confirm the Auburn White Student Union’s position that the previous leak is authentic. Moreover, these leaks reveal that the version of the minutes released were authored by Lyndsey, who appears to be the wife of Justin, the chairman of SPEA.

The selected content in this release will do the following:

  1. Confirm that the previously leaked minutes were indeed created by the SPEA (or an SPEA member), and not fabricated wholesale or in part by AUWSU.
  2. Link the identities of Lyndsey, the creator of the document (according to metadata) to El Pinto (@TessaractRed on Telegram).
  3. Prove that SPEA’s tweets that we posted in the previous article are lies, and prove that our own claims are true.

The reasoning that Justin (who runs SPEA’s Twitter account) did not have access to the minutes on his phone does not add up,  confirming our suspicions. Justin was a member of the very same Telegram chat in which the minutes were posted in. This means that SPEA’s claim that the minutes they posted are only minutes for the Halloween meeting is a flat-out lie.

Moreover, the minutes provided by SPEA on Twitter appear to be the draft minutes for the October 31st meeting. The copy which our organization has obtained is the final meeting minutes which were distributed via a private channel on Telegram. This somewhat lines up with the SPEA’s narrative that minutes were distributed to members. What SPEA seems to have lied about is the version of minutes distributed, as well as the number of pages in the original meeting minutes.

Keep lying, and we will keep leaking, Socialist Party of East Alabama.


Lyndsey (aka El Pinto) posts a copy of the Halloween Meeting minutes to SPEA chat.
Chats linking “Lyndsey” to the persona El Pinto.
Further messages linking “Lyndsey” to the “El Pinto” persona.
The Metadata from the document Lyndsey posted suggests that indeed Lyndsey is the author of the document.

You can download an original copy of the minutes (unmodified) by using this link:  SPEA Halloween Meeting Minutes LEAK.docx.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. More news and reveals are coming, so stay tuned!

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LEAK: Auburn Socialist Party Plans to Harass and Track Foes


Notice: we have updated the article to reflect SPEA’s responses on Twitter.

We recently revealed the vitriol and violent rhetoric of Socialist Party of East Alabama (SPEA) member Alex Hilley encouraging violence against anyone who stands up for the principle of free speech. We were forced to reveal this evidence after Alex crafted a fake story about how our members “harassed” him by placing stickers coincidentally near his dwelling. After this little reveal, the SPEA went into damage control mode.

It all started when we called them out on Twitter for spreading a fake harassment story:

This tweet is available as an archive in case they delete it.

The Big Lie

After that, SPEA sent out a series of Tweets accusing us of stalking and harassing their members. Yet, they do the exact same thing, even at their own party meetings! They played with fire, and now they’re getting burned. They  should not have gotten into a showdown with master trolls.

Eventually, we called them out for using their official party meetings as a place to plan the harassment and outing of our members, known as doxing. Here’s the tweet (archive here):

Little did they know, we have hard evidence that they lied. So we gave them a second chance to fix up their little fib. Instead, they took the bait and doubled-down!

An archive of their response is here. Well, we’re here to deliver the evidence we promised. But first, let’s give a little background.

UPDATE: SPEA has tripled-down on their lie, yet again! SPEA tweeted a single page of their Halloween meeting minutes. These minutes are incredibly incomplete. We called them out on their lies yet again (archive):

An archive of the above post is available.


The Leak

Below is a document an anonymous source gave to a third-party Auburn University student organization unaffiliated with ours. A sympathetic student in  that the organization saw the document, and forwarded it to us. To  clarify, here’s what the chain of custody looks like:

This is all possible due to our fantastic network of people embedded in various Auburn organizations. We love you, and thank-you so much.

After some investigation, we’ve confirmed that these are indeed the actual meeting minutes of the SPEA. This proves that they flat-out lied about “Outing WSU members.”

Here is the leak of the October 31, 2017 minutes for the SPEA meeting (the red ink was added by one of our own members):

SPEA October 2017 Minutes Leak


The leak image above is a photocopy of the minutes of the Socialist Party of East Alabama meeting minutes on October 31, 2017. This proves that not only was SPEA plotting on outing our members, but they also did it in an official party capacity! It turns out that a bunch of Communists are liars, who’d a thunk?

A second important takeaway is the interchangeable use of Communist and Socialist throughout the minutes. This is a common tactic throughout the far-left, since Communism has a negative connotation due to the massive genocides it has caused.

A third takeaway from this document is the use of the term agitprop. Interestingly, agitprop is a term meaning soviet-style political propaganda. It appears that the SPEA is just rebranded Communism; too bad real Communism was already tried – and failed – back in the 1990s.

A fourth an final takeaway from this leak is how the SPEA feels uncomfortable that their party is “a very white party.” White people shouldn’t feel insecure because of the color of their skin or their European heritage. They should be proud! It is clear that the Auburn White Student Union has much more work to do on campus to end White guilt.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. More news and reveals are coming, so stay tuned!

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